In a millennium's time, the Land of MU has advanced and developed the empire in great bounding strides. However, as foretold in the Great Prophecy, Secromicon, the Continent of MU fell into overwhelming chaos. Great leaders who had once controlled the MU Continent now have fallen low, and the central government; due to the internal strife and warfare amongst power hungry feudal lords, have brought the kingdom asunder and thus the empire crumbled. The millennium of peace and bounty is now a mere memory and dark stains of blood now cover the land. The ravages of war have laid waste to the once beautiful land and the shedding of blood still knows no end. Even now, petty feudal lords endlessly build up their machines of war and futilely attempt to re-establish what once was



Also called Spirit Map, Acheron was first introduced to the Mu Continent with the elemental system. The map is only accessible through a special NPC (Captain Slough) which can be found in Lorencia (140, 140) and Noria (171, 108).


In order to enter Acheron, you also need an item called Spirit Map which will be consumed upon entry. You can obtain the Spirit Map by killing monsters in Vulcanus and collecting Spirit Map Fragments.


Acheron is composed of 3 different areas: Debenter, Ubaid and Alkmar, all accessible from Acheron Village (Safe zone).


If you are disconnected or killed, you will be sent back to the Acheron Village. If you exit Acheron, however, you will require a new Spirit Map to re-enter.


Elemental System


Acheron is the only place within the Mu Continent where Pentagrams and Ertel Components drop. They can drop from any monster within the Map. The map contains two main categories of monsters, regular ones and Bosses. The Boss monsters can only be damaged with elemental damage (from an equipped pentagram) and have a higher chance of dropping Pentagrams and Ertel components.


Arca War


Once a week, Acheron plays host to the Arca War, an event which has Guilds fight each other to earn strong unique buffs and superior pentagrams to the ones normally dropped from monsters. Please see the Arca War guide for more info about the event (to be added soon).


Acheron Map

   1. Acheron Village

   2. Entrance to Alkmaar

   3. Entrance to Ubaid

   4. Entrance to Debenter

   5. Entrance to Acheron Village

   6. Farming zone 1

   7. Entrance to Acheron Village

   8. Farming zone 2

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