In a millennium's time, the Land of MU has advanced and developed the empire in great bounding strides. However, as foretold in the Great Prophecy, Secromicon, the Continent of MU fell into overwhelming chaos. Great leaders who had once controlled the MU Continent now have fallen low, and the central government; due to the internal strife and warfare amongst power hungry feudal lords, have brought the kingdom asunder and thus the empire crumbled. The millennium of peace and bounty is now a mere memory and dark stains of blood now cover the land. The ravages of war have laid waste to the once beautiful land and the shedding of blood still knows no end. Even now, petty feudal lords endlessly build up their machines of war and futilely attempt to re-establish what once was

9.50.06 Update 21 Jul,2016 @ 18:10

Greetings MU-tizens,

After the last maintenance , all bugs reported by players were fixed.
Below , you can find the full ChangeLog and BugFix.

[!] Fixed /addstat command issue when Bless Buff is applied
[!] Fixed Server crash on some Prohibited Symbols
[!] Fixed Chaos Mix combination doesn't randomize options properly in certain scenario
[!] Fixed critical issue that could lead in character double-login and warehouse dupe
[!] Fixed possible issues with Kanturu and Raklion event monsters
[!] Fixed distance for Ice Storm Strenghtener and Mastery
[!] Fixed distance for Cyclone
[!] Fixed issue with options of wings of conqueror after using Jewel of Life over them
[!] Fixed warp issues fro Gold Members
[!] XShop Items Price reduced (one version ago)
[!] Fixed Seed Sphere Creation
[!] Fixed Aida Spots (one version ago)
[!] Increase Vulcanus Drop
[!] Fixed visual bug of some Wings Options
[!] Fixed Talisman Wings description
[!] Fixed Master Level issue for Gold Members
[!] Added Gold Coins for Online Time (1 Gold Coins in 2 Hours)
[!] Fixed Scroll of Mana Price issue
[!] Added HD Resolution (General)
[!] Fixed Summon skill issue
[!] Fixed Seed Sphere creation description (1 ~ 3 and 4 ~ 5)
[!] Removed Seeds (1 ~ 3) drop from Vulcanus and added to Raklion
[!] Fixed Pink Option Mix and display
[!] Added Tetra Crystal on Vulcanus Drop
[!] Shops remaked
[!] Added Christine Shop for Gold Members with Quest Items
[!] Added Death King/Bone Event (Drop Satans and some small powerups) - Event is every 30 minutes (Lorencia/Noria/Elbeland)
[!] Fixed Gaion Invitation and Doppel Invitation stack (it is possible to be unstackable if you have invitation from season 8 version)
[!] Imperial Event drop rewards changed (100 gold coins and 50% chance to drop 2 socket item from every normal stage and 1000 gold coins and 30% chance to drop Wings of Conqueror (Champion) from Gaion boss)
[!] Added full support for Grow Langer and Season 10 future updates (test server will be opened soon)

Have fun!

Posted by SupportTeam

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