In a millennium's time, the Land of MU has advanced and developed the empire in great bounding strides. However, as foretold in the Great Prophecy, Secromicon, the Continent of MU fell into overwhelming chaos. Great leaders who had once controlled the MU Continent now have fallen low, and the central government; due to the internal strife and warfare amongst power hungry feudal lords, have brought the kingdom asunder and thus the empire crumbled. The millennium of peace and bounty is now a mere memory and dark stains of blood now cover the land. The ravages of war have laid waste to the once beautiful land and the shedding of blood still knows no end. Even now, petty feudal lords endlessly build up their machines of war and futilely attempt to re-establish what once was

Rules were updated (Fault language) 19 Oct,2015 @ 10:30


Greetings MU-tizens,


Fault language article was updated because we want to prevent future violation from secondary accounts.


    Abusive language, insults with family references, hints regarding sexual organs, sexual or religious hostility, advertising war or drugs are all forbidden.


a) Only the targeted user can place reports when the above rules are broken using general chat (white) or whisper. When the rules are broken on global chat (/post), anyone can place a report..
b) Foul language is punishable even if not explicit (implied or shortened).
c) Screenshots can be posted without date / time. The administrators will check the logs to validate your report.
d) Using secondary accounts or characters to break the above paragraphs will result in permanent restrictions of the accounts. In worst cases, the access to our servers will be restricted.
e) In case of repeated "Player Kill" (PK) on a low level characters(beginners), foul language will be permitted only addressed to the one who killed him. (Global messages will be punished)

Punishment: 2 days restriction to server and account.


Respect other players and you will get the same treat.

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